5 ways to get more done in a day!

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying the warm weather, and spending your days relaxing! 

Today I thought I’d post on something that I know you all can relate. We all have those days we’re we are feeling overwhelmed by how much we need to get done. And the more we try to focus, and get it done, the less productive we end up being. This is why I’ve found 5 tips on how you can get work done, without having the additional stress! Enjoy! xx 


1. Focus on Less work at a time – This one is probably the most important. We’ve all been guilty of trying to cram all our projects in a short period of time, but by doing so we are processing at a slower rate. 


2. Be awake and alert- If you’re  starting with with your tank half fill, you’ll get nothing accomplished. When you have a higher energy level, you’re able to work harder and get more done. Most of us run of little to no sleep, so ensure that you’ve had a good nights rest if you know you have a lot to do. 

3. Don’t Overcommit!!-  You’re most likely going to overestimate how much you can get done, so be realistic on how much you can accomplish. 

4. Remember to chillax-  When you’re trying to get something done, always make sure you take a 15 minute break to re-focus, and use this time to prevent yourself from having interruptions when you’re working. The key is to stick to your schedule, but take time to chill, and reboot yourself. 

5. Don’t focus on failure- Don’t look at the situation negatively, overcome that feeling of failing and not doing well. By doing so you’ll become more motivated, and able to accomplish more. 


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Look, Dress and act like Ariana Grande!

Hi all,

Hope you’re enjoying summer so far! Although I’ve been out for weeks, summer has already gone by so fast, so I’m hoping you’re enjoying your summer as much as I am.

With fall approaching, you might be wanting to spice up your wardrobe, and by doing so you might want some inspiration. I decided  that I’d post about someone who we all aspire to dress to ; Ariana Grande. Not only is Ariana a beautiful, talented, and hilarious actress, she also has a great style, that many girls my age love! Nevertheless, I’ve decided to post a blog on how to look like her. Hope you enjoy!

  • . The Hair! Ariana Grande is notorious for her signature red hair! However, achieving red hair is difficult and damaging, so make sure you consult it with your parents, or local hair salon. If you aren’t able to dye your hair red, you can dye Medium Brown-Dark Brown, which Ariana has been rocking more recently. Regarding how she styles it, she usually curls the ends of her hair, and puts it into a half pony tail. On other occasions, she puts it into a pony tail. Be sure to acessorize, and add lots of bows and scrunchies!
  •  Ariana’s Makeup is simple, yet playful. To achieve a look similar to hers follow these steps.
  1. Apply a light-medium BB cream, or mix your foundation and moistrurizer to insure it last longer. Once you’ve done this, apply concelare to anywhere where you may be breaking out, or experiencing redness. Followed by this apply a matte powder to ensure it stays on all day.
  2. Once you’re finished with that, apply a bronzer wherever you want some colour! If you want to achieve ariana’s flawless face, apply it to your cheekbones, following that blush in the same location.
  3. Regarding Grande’s eyes, she tends to keep it light an natural. Put on a gold/light brown eyeshadow on your eyelid, next put a darker shadow on your crease. If you’re feeling bold like Ariana, use a brown eye liner on your lid, and on your lash line. This defintley make sure your eyes POP! To finish off the eyes, apply a good mascara on your top and bottom eyelashes. Ariana believes that her eyelashes are the most important, so fake lashes may be helpful in achieving her look.
  4. To complete her look, apply a Fuchsia lipstick to your lips. And voila!
  •   Now that you know how to look and style like Ariana, you need to know how to dress like her as well. Grande, is notorious for her girly, fun style so this step is necesary! To achieve a look like hers, go for dresses. Perferably ones with bold colours, floral designs, and short. If you aren’t a dress person, no worries. She loves peplum, skinny dark washed jeans, and graphic hoodies. Ariana tends to wear heels, such as wedges, and statement shoes! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different kids!
  • Ariana is a beautiful girl, but what really captivates us is her “happy go lucky personality”. You can look and dress like Ariana, but her personality is really what differentiates herself from other so called celebrities. Remember to always be yourself, and to be kind to everyone you meet. This charm she brings is whats gotten her so far! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my post, on looking like Ariana! I’ve included some links oh how to further look and dress like her, which includes her own makeup tutorial! Just remember to always be yourself, and bring your own style to the table!



Beach body :)

Hello everyone on wordpress!

Hope you’re all enjoying summer. As promised, I’ve decided to start posting more frequently, and with school out of the way, I’ll do just that!

Boy has the past few weeks been HECTIC. From last minute exams, to school ending, and having to say my goodbyes, I’ve been incredibly busy, and feeling so stressed.

Luckily now that I’m done school, I have more time to do things I enjoy ; Being on my blog, stalking Justin Bieber, watching marathons of criminal minds and spending quality with friends.

Now that summer has arrived I thought I’d post about eating tips, and how to stay healthy and fit. I say fit because while most other girls my age are attempting to become thin and achieve a “thigh gap”, I believe being fit is more important than thinness because it’ll help in retaining mobility, strength and balance in old age. And since summer is here and we want to wear out bathing suits and shorts, I thought there is no better time to post, than this. So hopefully you’ll enjoy, and follow these tips in staying active.


Common Myths about getting healthy, are that if you exercise, you’ll loose weight.

Sure exercising has a large part in that, but when you exercise you  become healthy, rather than thin. Teenage years are the most important, and by exercising it helps you transition into a healthy adult. Here are my favorite exercises you can do at home, that are great for a tween/teenage girl.


  • For achieving stronger arms…

a. Hold a Medicine  ball with your feet hip width apart, and step forward into a lunge with your right leg and lower your left leg into a 90 degree angle. Then rotate your torso right, return to center, then push back. Repeat to the center, push back, switch legs and repeat 20 times (10 each leg)

  • For stronger arms…..

a.Try power planking! Start by going into  the plank position. Rest on your right arm. While holding a 5LB dumbbell in your left hand, lift the dumbbell  so it’s infront of you, at shoulder level. Followed by that, raise the dumbbell up to the ceiling, while keeping your body in a straight line. Hold it up for a second, and bring it back to your shoulder level. Do it 20 times for each side.

  • For a flat tummy…

a. Attempt the super paddler. For this exercise, lie on your tummy with your arms and legs extented. You’re body will make a X when doing this. Lift your tummy up and bring your right arm and your left leg up. Hold for 15 seconds, then switch sides. Do this 20 times on each side.

Eating Healthy-

Instead of giving you a whole diet, I figured I’d give you some easy, but delicious snacks you can eat through the summer.

1. Try eating butter free popcorn, with low fat dark chocolate.

2. Peanut butter and a apple. Not only is it healthy, it’s delicious. Try swapping the peanut butter, for nutella.

3. Banana sundae! Peel a banana and top it with a few teaspoons of fat-free cool whip, two teaspoons of chocolate syrup, some nuts, and fresh fruit like blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries.

4.  A delicious trail mix! From cashews, to almonds, raisins to even chocolate chips, this trail mix will definitely be something you enjoy.



Hope you all enjoy this beach body post, and be sure to follow my blog!

Stay healthy.

My 5 Favourite DIY’s!

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m going to be posting about my favourite DIY’s!

I’ve been procrastinated for the past day, in hopes I’d have an idea of what I could post on my blog. And after a day of truly thinking, I had come up with nothing. Feeling down and discouraged,  I went on my computer, and began going to my favourite DIY website, when it hit me. Why don’t I start a post on my favourite DIY looks! DIY’s or do it yourself looks had been very popular recently, and I had been intrigued by the creativity I had seen. Things I had only imagined of doing had become a reality, and I had just HAD to post about it. Hopefully you’ll be inspired by these looks, and want to create this look yourself. ENJOY!


1. The studded shorts-This is my favourite person look! To achieve a look like this, either purchase high waisted jeans from stores like American Apparel, or forever 21 and cut them to your desired look. If you’re not willing to spend the money, perhaps go to your local thrift shop where there are tons of high waisted jeans for your likes. 

Once you’ve purchased your jeans, purchase any type of studs and/or beads from either your local crafts store, or online. I’ve noticed you’re able to find quality studs on Ebay, for a cheap price.  After use either fabric glue or superglue to glue on your beads to you newly cut jeans! And voila! You have a pair of “tumblr-esque” jeans. I warn you though making these jeans are ADDICTING!


2. Sequin Cap Toe Flats-While I’ve never tried this look, it’s been RAVED about my bloggers. This DIY trend had been started a while back when “Kristen Turner” created a pair of black sequenced flats! From then, this look had been an international phenomenon. To achieve a look like this (or similar) purchase a pair of cheap, used flats of any colour (I’d pick black because it’s versatile, and will really make the sequins stand out), and purchase some gold sequins. Then apply the back of the sequins in tacky glue with tweezers and carefully place them on your flats! This will definitely spice up your look to your average everyday pair of flats!


3. “Carrie Diaries” inspired purse-Before the carrie diaries came out, I was skeptical whether I liked it or not. But once I had watched it, I had fallen in love. Especially with the fashion! I often wish I was born in the 80’s because my fashion sense would’ve really fit in. Anyway, in the show, carrie paints a purse given to her by her late mother. Unfortunately, the purse has nail polish on it, forcing Carrie to figure out a way to fix it. What she ends up doing is painting it with nail polish, and writing her name on it in neon colours. Her doing that had inspired millions of girls to copy the trend, and make their own purse as well. So if you’re curious on how to do is as well, all you’ll need is a black leather back (from forever 21 or perhaps ardene) and some cute neon colours. All you’ll need to do, is flick the nail polish on you’re canvas (or in this case your  purse) and write your name in pink. And voila! You have a carrie inspired hand bag, to add a pop of colour to a dull look. 


4. Hearts-Sorry to be very “generic”, but for this look you can add hearts to anything you want to! What I’m talking about is, getting a piece of clothing, and accessorizing by adding various heart to it. To create this fun look, purchase a “Heart Puncher” and punch it into a piece of card. Following that, purchase a Sponge Brush and fabric paint, and dip your sponge into the paint. Than place the stencil you’ve created on the desired place on you’re clothing, and paint! It’s a great look, and even a moron could manage to do this! 


5. Slashed Jeans-To finish off my favourite DIY’s, I’ve decided to include the simplest, but cutest look. Purchase a pair of jeans (thrift shop), and get scissors. Cut where desired, to have a fun, edgy look. 

Posting again!

Due to the fact I’ve been neglecting my blog, I thought I’d start posting more frequently again.

So Hello friends! Thank you for contiuning to follow me, despite the fact I’ve been inactive. With school, and other priorities I haven’t had the time to write on here, nor have I had the time to really do anything (i.e see friends, watch shows). So with summer approaching here’s to posting more frequently!

For today, I thought I’d post about a recent video I had watched. It had been sent to me by my mom, when I was having a frustrating day, and boy did it cheer me up. I won’t write much about it so I don’t spoil it for you, so I’ll let you watch it yourself. And I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

This video opened my eyes, and showed me that no matter what your circumstances are, the limits are impossible. As long as you’re doing what you love, and not thinking about what may be holding you back, you’re able to achieve anything and everything. Phil Hansen is a true genius, and a definite inspiration.

Belated Birthday Wishes!

First off, I wanted to write my deepest (I can’t empathize this enough) apologies to my wonderful nana. It was her birthday last week, and I had forgotten to write a happy birthday post to her. 

So as you can guess, today I’m writing a letter directed at my nana. 

First off, not only has my Nana managed to be take care of our family (while remaining stylish), but she’s also managed to be an inspiration. Whether you’re rich or poor, kind or not, my nana has been a great example of being generous and caring to all. She’s shown that me that it’s not what you look like or where you come from, but it’s who you are in the inside that matters. And she’s living proof that being kind, strong and remaining who you are will get you further, than being unkind and someone you’re not. Not to mention, she’s  sacraficed a lot, but has always shown having a positive attitude will always benefit you. 


Not only has she been an inspiration and the best nana anyone could’ve ask for, she also raised the best mother in the world, who I’m happy to call my mom. I love you so much nana, and I want you to know how special you are to everyone in our family. 

Thank you for 13 wonderful years together, and thank you for showing me to value the little things, and be grateful for what I have! May each day bring you bright, happy hours that stay with you all the year long! ImageImage


My essay

Gun Control By: Yasmin Umar Guns don’t kill people- People Kill people. Or at Least that’s what the National Rifle Association says (N.R.A) says. But I’m not entirely sure if that’s true. According to the FBI, there were 17,000 homicides in the USA alone. And aproximentally 68% of homicides are committed with firearms. That means there are about 11,600 homicides by firearms per year in the US, or about 32 per day. This statistic doesn’t include the 75,000 non-fatal shootings per year, and 17,000 self inflicted suicides. You can do the math, that’s an estimate of 284 deaths per day in the United States. It doesn’t take a genius to purchase a gun, in fact Gun laws in the United States regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition. And as for age, you can purchase a BB gun at 16, 18 for a shot gun or riffle, and 21 for a hand gun. So it’s not that difficult for a psychopath, minor, or someone with a mental illness to get their hands on a gun. My thesis is, based on these statistics and anecdotal evidence I believe that if guns are readily available that crime will go down. Today, I’m here to tell you about why I’m oppose to guns. Although the right to own a gun is secured by the 2nd constitutional amendment, prohibiting guns would provide a safer environment. My three arguments on my I’m opposed to guns are; 1. In countries like Japan, Canada, Sweden and Australia less than 300 people are killed with guns annually. By having stricter gun laws, less violence occurs. Second, In a moment of anger, there is a likely chance that someone would purchase a gun. If this person has no previous criminal history, they can purchase a gun at a low fee, from a Walmart or pawn shop. Finally, recently guns have gotten into the hands of minors, providing a unsafe environment, and killing innocent lives. Let me delve deeper into my 3 reasons on why guns should be illegal. My first argument, is crime rate in the countries that have ban riffles, have a lower crime rate. For example, in 2011 598 homicides in total occurred in Canada. In total, stabbings accounted for 35 per cent of homicides, firearms for 27 per cent, beatings for 22 per cent and strangulation for seven per cent. And most commonly in Canada, shootings are gang related, rather than someone intentionally wanting to kill. I believe, guns lead to increase violent, and in general if they weren’t that accessible it would be more difficult for people to purchase them. By having a more lenient law on guns, every american citizen has a 2.6% chance of being killed over the course of their lifetime by a firearm. Secondly, having guns around the house creates the opportunity for lethal violence. In fact, Firearms are the third leading cause of death among young people. Recently, guns and gun control have come up in the news due to the fact of the overwhelming amount of children accidentally shooting someone. On May.9th, a texas boy, 5, fatally shot his brother, 7, with rifle as they played in the bath. Exactly a week before, a 5-year-old Kentucky boy shot his 2-year-old sister, to death. These are just the many examples of the violence occurring daily in the United states. And while every week more innocent lives are lost, millions of Americans still support and own guns. In fact 270,000,000 people in America own guns to this day. These include families with young children, and teens. The owners of guns assume that their children will know not to play with guns, and the dangers that come with it. But at 5,6 you can’t possibly understand the permanence of shooting someone, and the consequences that come with it. And with social media and television glamorizing guns, and the use of it, which tends to influence a child to play with one. So it’s understandable that young children, believe that it’s alright to use a gun. They believe ‘cause if bugs bunny gets shot and survives, why can’t they? My final argument is in a true moment of anger, there is a probable chance that many people would shoot someone, if they had access to a gun. And while they may regret it later- in the heat of a moment they may not be thinking clearly. If there wasn’t guns, people would need to find another way to deal with their situation. And since other methods of violence are rare in the United States, odds are they wouldn’t do anything violent and would forget about their issue. Some people in the US, have the mentality that even if you put in stricter gun control criminals will still find a way to access them, but so many shootings have occurred that didn’t happen by known criminals, and people without a prior criminal history. If we look at the Columbine Massacre, Sandy Hook Massacre, and Colorado Massacre, none of these individuals has a record, nor did they ever commit a crime. By banning guns, not only would it be more difficult for a criminal to access guns, but it would be more difficult for people to purchase guns in a heat of the moment. To conclude my paragraph, gun control is a highly controversial topic with a long list of pros and cons, but in conclusion I believe that guns should be ban from sale. And the evidence that support that is overwhelming: Countries that don’t allow guns have a lower crime rate, banning guns will prevent them from getting into the hands of young children and finally that in the heat of the moment someone could get their hands on a gun, who don’t have a criminal history. And based on these statistics and anecdotal evidence I believe that if guns are readily available that crime will go down. If Americans want to stop crime rate and want to stop innocent lives from being lost, maybe they should reconsider if they really need a weapon.