Perseverance !

For the Boston Bruins, it was a defying moment. But for us Toronto citizens, it was a disappointing end to a shortened NHL season.

Not only was it bad enough, to be so close to the Semi-finals, it was worse to lose the way we had, after having a 4-1 lead. But for the Bruins, it was a shining example of “never say die”.

The Bruins had showed, with perseverance and hard work anything was possible. In fact, the Bruins become the first team in league history to win a Game 7 after trailing by three goals in the third period. Most people, would’ve given up, especially with a minute :30 left. But not these extraordinary players; No, they fought ’till the end in hopes that perhaps they would score and win the game. And the coach a calculated risk to take out the goalie, and if they hadn’t given everything they had, they would’ve not excelled, and created a historic moment for the world to watch.

For this, I applaud them and support them through the rest of Stanley Cup Playoffs. Well, done Boston, Well done!


How Music Can instantly change your mood.

Imagine coming home after perhaps having a stressful day. You turn on the radio, and to your surprise your favourite song is on. It begins to  alter your mood greatly, and you manage to forget about the day you’ve had. Could music and your mood be related in some way?

It’s an incredibly mind-boggling to think that those two things could have ties together, but a study conducted by researcher Jacob Jolij and student Maaike Meurs of the Psychology Department of the University of Groningen shows that music can have a drastic effect  on perception and mood.

Here’s an example, when you watch the olympics, notice the athletes listening to music before they perform. Music must have a big enough impact on them, if that’s what helps them give a stellar performance.

Aside from that, music can impact our lives in numerous reasons. For me, it reminds me of the past. It takes me exactly back to the moment of when I first head the song.

For example, Nicki Minaj’s “starship”. Whi;e I may not be a Nicki Minaj fan , I enjoyed this song because it reminded me of my first school dance, with my friends.

It’s incredibly powerful that music can really make such an affect on us, and that it can produce that kind of sensation. And the great thing is, it’s not limited to one time of music and that music can be tied to lowering anxiety before a test, and help students increase results.

So when you ever feel like you want to change your mood, be sure to listen to your feel good tunes! I assure you it’ll make you feel great.

How many times have you been judged, or discriminated for a mistake you’ve made? It’s bad enough to think about your errors, but being commented on it just makes it worse.

Imagine being told about your accomplishments, and praised for the good things you’ve done. A while back, my mom told me about a story that takes place in an African tribe. This tribe though is very different, from other settings. It believes that every human being is special, and has something to bring into the world, and that each of us deserves love, safety and peace. When a person makes a mistake, instead of judging that person or criticizing this person, they take this person to the centre of the town and the entire tribe surrounds them. Rather than telling this person the bad characteristics about themselves, they tell this person everything wonderful thing he or she has ever done. This tribe understands in the pursuit of happiness, and peace people make mistakes, and as a human it’s natural for us to have errors. The community sees these drawbacks not as failures, but as cries for help.

Everyone wants to be cared for, and wants to know they are loved unconditionally.  There is a difference between being a bad person, and doing a bad thing, and this act shows just that. Not only do I find this kind, but I find it inspiring. I want to be a better person, after reading this.

Just remember you are beautiful, and worth something, and you’re on this earth for a reason! Thanks for reading.

Beat Summer Hair damage!

From the air-conditioning, to the sun, it’s no secret that by the end of summer your hair is going to be damaged. And when you’re busy on vacation, or running around on the beach odds are you’ll forget all about your hair! That’s why I’ve created some tips on how to take your hair from dull and dry, to looking fabulous and healthy. With these tips, your locks will definitely look their best. 


1. Replace the lost moisture-If your hair is feeling dry,I recommend  using an intense hydrating mask, once a week (no more than once a week, our you’ll experience product buildup). I enjoy using any of the milkshake products. They’re designed to to nourish your hair leaving it soft and shiny, and makes damaged hair manageable. 


2. Take an inch off, by getting your hair trimmed. The sun will most likely take away your hair’s natural oils, resulting into split ends and frizziness. To prevent cutting more off than needed, trim off anywhere from half an inch to even an inch. By doing so it’ll make your hair look better instantly. 

3. Only wash your hair when absolutely necessary- Shampooing your hair everyday washes out your natural oils, and doesn’t give them time to work their way down the hair shaft. You can shower everyday, but keep a cap on, to prevent shampooing it often. 


4. Whether your hair is wet or dry, brush it! Let your hair’s natural oils repair damaged strands: by regular brushing.


5. Absolutely no heat products-Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but with the sun on your hair, adding heat will only make it worse. 


There is no escaping the sun, but if you follow these steps I guarantee you your hair will healthy for the September. And with these strategies, you can enjoy swimming, or just tanning on the beach without worrying about the harsh effects. 





Random Acts of Kindness!

Before I begin my post, I wanted to apologies for neglecting my blog. I’ve been so busy with school, that I’ve had no time to post!  When I created my blog, it was my intentions to post everyday, but with my other commitments, I’ve been ÜBER . So I’ll try to be more diligent with posting. 

Anyway, I thoughts with all the sadness in the world, a “random acts of kindness” post was needed. In case you don’t know what a “random act of kindness” it’s selfless act, where you aren’t doing it to get anything in return. For example, holding the door for someone, or buying the person behind you a cup of coffee! Sounds great doesn’t it? But just think to yourself, how often do you do that? How often do you do something for someone, without having an agenda? It’s an incredible feeling to get something done for you, but it’s an even better feeling when doing something for someone else. And with people busy with their technology, and their daily lives, it seems like common courtesy is no longer common. And it really seems like civility has gone out of the window! 

So I decided to post together, we can make the world a better place, one step at a time, by having random acts of kindness. 

1. Collect goods for a local food bank.

2. Give a hand to someone in need. For example, buy a meal for someone less fortunate. Give them your full attention!

3.When in line at Starbucks, buy the person behind a cup of coffee and a dessert. 

4.Slip an inspiring quote on the windshield of someones car. 

5.Pay a complement to everyone you meet. 

6.Give everyone a smile, it’ll definitely make their day. 

7.Tell someone close to you you love them, and your thankful that they are in your life. 

8. Give the people in your office or school some donuts. 

9.Write a thank you note to someone who has influenced your life in a positive way. 

10.Make amends with someone who you aren’t close to. 

11.Give some blood! 

12.Donate your time to elders. 

13. If you are at a restaurant, give a large tip to the waitress. 

14.Buy or donate books to a school. 

15.Drop off a plant, cookies, or donuts to the police or fire department.

Please enjoy my random acts of kindness post, and remember to do something kind, no matter how small the gesture. 


Your up in front of your class about to begin a presentation. And all of a sudden your heart begins to beat a mile a minute. You’re sweating and your mouth is gradually getting dry. But why?

You may be experiencing nervousness. And the reason your feeling this is  because blood is getting pumped into your muscles. 

It’s a fact that people get nervous for various reasons. For example, I get nervous when presenting in front of my class, while others may be nervous when in a crowd of large people. That feeling of nervousness is often comes from the feeling of uncertainty, like trying something new. Everyone get’s nervous from time to time, and by doing something repeatedly, you learn that nothing awful is going to happen to you, and the nervousness gets better.

But, when you’re trying something new or doing a speech, it’s scary. And all though you know it’ll get better, you’re probably still feeling anxious.  Getting nervous can be a burden, and in some cases psych you out! So I though I’d create some tips to help you relax, when you’re in a situation where you’re feeling really anxious. These way works for me, and might not necessarily work for everyone, but everyone has there own way of coping. So just remember to have fun, and remember “Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s all small stuff.”

1. Take a deep breath. Relax. As long as you’re healthy, and happy nothing else matters. Try to think positive, and hope for the best. Think of the best case scenario. 

2. Write out a list of everything you’re nervous about. Once you’ve done that, you know what you’re afraid of, and you’ll realize you don’t need to be as worried after all.

3.Listen to music. Whether it’s fast, and gets you going, or slow and relaxes you, music is the best. After a long, and tiring day, plugging in your headphones and listening to your feel good music is the best. 

4. Look at photos that comfort you. For example, look at a picture of your pet! It’ll relax you, and make you forget about what your stressed about. 

5. Get fresh air. The fresh air will help you loosen up, and will help you think about just doing a great job. 


So hopefully you enjoyed my post, and just remember to slow down, and breath! (: 


Taking chances.

My friends and I are similar in many ways, but we’re complete opposites in others — especially on trying new things. While my friends may be more aggressive in trying different things, I’m more reserved, and have kept to myself. I resist and often fear putting myself out there , while my friends positively crave trying new things. For as long as I have remembered, I didn’t enjoy putting myself in a position where I could be embarrassed or judged. I became so shy, and introverted that I did  anything to prevent from failing. And just like that, I went day by day holding myself back.

One day, whilst looking at my report card I noticed something peculiar. I had received 95’s-100% in everything, except in participation. I had received a 60% in participation, due to the fact I rarely talked. I pondered for a bit, on why I had never participated, and taken a risk. 

I thought to myself, I was  so caught up with how others thought about me, that I was never able to live my life to it’s greatest potential. In order for us to really take advantage of all we are capable of and all that life has to offer, we have to take some chances. By being so cautious, we end up holding ourselves back, from what we can actually do with our lives. 

Yes, we might fail, but failing is the only way we will ever learn anything. It’s the only way you’ll ever get to success. The sooner you stop worrying, and obsessing over your past mistakes, the sooner you’ll accomplish greatness.

As Thomas Edison once said “I have not failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Our greatest way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” 

So go out there.  And take a chance!