My 5 Favourite DIY’s!

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m going to be posting about my favourite DIY’s!

I’ve been procrastinated for the past day, in hopes I’d have an idea of what I could post on my blog. And after a day of truly thinking, I had come up with nothing. Feeling down and discouraged,  I went on my computer, and began going to my favourite DIY website, when it hit me. Why don’t I start a post on my favourite DIY looks! DIY’s or do it yourself looks had been very popular recently, and I had been intrigued by the creativity I had seen. Things I had only imagined of doing had become a reality, and I had just HAD to post about it. Hopefully you’ll be inspired by these looks, and want to create this look yourself. ENJOY!


1. The studded shorts-This is my favourite person look! To achieve a look like this, either purchase high waisted jeans from stores like American Apparel, or forever 21 and cut them to your desired look. If you’re not willing to spend the money, perhaps go to your local thrift shop where there are tons of high waisted jeans for your likes. 

Once you’ve purchased your jeans, purchase any type of studs and/or beads from either your local crafts store, or online. I’ve noticed you’re able to find quality studs on Ebay, for a cheap price.  After use either fabric glue or superglue to glue on your beads to you newly cut jeans! And voila! You have a pair of “tumblr-esque” jeans. I warn you though making these jeans are ADDICTING!


2. Sequin Cap Toe Flats-While I’ve never tried this look, it’s been RAVED about my bloggers. This DIY trend had been started a while back when “Kristen Turner” created a pair of black sequenced flats! From then, this look had been an international phenomenon. To achieve a look like this (or similar) purchase a pair of cheap, used flats of any colour (I’d pick black because it’s versatile, and will really make the sequins stand out), and purchase some gold sequins. Then apply the back of the sequins in tacky glue with tweezers and carefully place them on your flats! This will definitely spice up your look to your average everyday pair of flats!


3. “Carrie Diaries” inspired purse-Before the carrie diaries came out, I was skeptical whether I liked it or not. But once I had watched it, I had fallen in love. Especially with the fashion! I often wish I was born in the 80’s because my fashion sense would’ve really fit in. Anyway, in the show, carrie paints a purse given to her by her late mother. Unfortunately, the purse has nail polish on it, forcing Carrie to figure out a way to fix it. What she ends up doing is painting it with nail polish, and writing her name on it in neon colours. Her doing that had inspired millions of girls to copy the trend, and make their own purse as well. So if you’re curious on how to do is as well, all you’ll need is a black leather back (from forever 21 or perhaps ardene) and some cute neon colours. All you’ll need to do, is flick the nail polish on you’re canvas (or in this case your  purse) and write your name in pink. And voila! You have a carrie inspired hand bag, to add a pop of colour to a dull look. 


4. Hearts-Sorry to be very “generic”, but for this look you can add hearts to anything you want to! What I’m talking about is, getting a piece of clothing, and accessorizing by adding various heart to it. To create this fun look, purchase a “Heart Puncher” and punch it into a piece of card. Following that, purchase a Sponge Brush and fabric paint, and dip your sponge into the paint. Than place the stencil you’ve created on the desired place on you’re clothing, and paint! It’s a great look, and even a moron could manage to do this! 


5. Slashed Jeans-To finish off my favourite DIY’s, I’ve decided to include the simplest, but cutest look. Purchase a pair of jeans (thrift shop), and get scissors. Cut where desired, to have a fun, edgy look. 


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