How many times have you been judged, or discriminated for a mistake you’ve made? It’s bad enough to think about your errors, but being commented on it just makes it worse.

Imagine being told about your accomplishments, and praised for the good things you’ve done. A while back, my mom told me about a story that takes place in an African tribe. This tribe though is very different, from other settings. It believes that every human being is special, and has something to bring into the world, and that each of us deserves love, safety and peace. When a person makes a mistake, instead of judging that person or criticizing this person, they take this person to the centre of the town and the entire tribe surrounds them. Rather than telling this person the bad characteristics about themselves, they tell this person everything wonderful thing he or she has ever done. This tribe understands in the pursuit of happiness, and peace people make mistakes, and as a human it’s natural for us to have errors. The community sees these drawbacks not as failures, but as cries for help.

Everyone wants to be cared for, and wants to know they are loved unconditionally.  There is a difference between being a bad person, and doing a bad thing, and this act shows just that. Not only do I find this kind, but I find it inspiring. I want to be a better person, after reading this.

Just remember you are beautiful, and worth something, and you’re on this earth for a reason! Thanks for reading.


One thought on “The story of the African Tribe…

  1. Yasi,you are very special and brave,remember when I saw you first time,I know you are very special and beautiful inside out,Bravo and keep up the good work,Love you

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