Perseverance !

For the Boston Bruins, it was a defying moment. But for us Toronto citizens, it was a disappointing end to a shortened NHL season.

Not only was it bad enough, to be so close to the Semi-finals, it was worse to lose the way we had, after having a 4-1 lead. But for the Bruins, it was a shining example of “never say die”.

The Bruins had showed, with perseverance and hard work anything was possible. In fact, the Bruins become the first team in league history to win a Game 7 after trailing by three goals in the third period. Most people, would’ve given up, especially with a minute :30 left. But not these extraordinary players; No, they fought ’till the end in hopes that perhaps they would score and win the game. And the coach a calculated risk to take out the goalie, and if they hadn’t given everything they had, they would’ve not excelled, and created a historic moment for the world to watch.

For this, I applaud them and support them through the rest of Stanley Cup Playoffs. Well, done Boston, Well done!


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