How Music Can instantly change your mood.

Imagine coming home after perhaps having a stressful day. You turn on the radio, and to your surprise your favourite song is on. It begins to  alter your mood greatly, and you manage to forget about the day you’ve had. Could music and your mood be related in some way?

It’s an incredibly mind-boggling to think that those two things could have ties together, but a study conducted by researcher Jacob Jolij and student Maaike Meurs of the Psychology Department of the University of Groningen shows that music can have a drastic effect  on perception and mood.

Here’s an example, when you watch the olympics, notice the athletes listening to music before they perform. Music must have a big enough impact on them, if that’s what helps them give a stellar performance.

Aside from that, music can impact our lives in numerous reasons. For me, it reminds me of the past. It takes me exactly back to the moment of when I first head the song.

For example, Nicki Minaj’s “starship”. Whi;e I may not be a Nicki Minaj fan , I enjoyed this song because it reminded me of my first school dance, with my friends.

It’s incredibly powerful that music can really make such an affect on us, and that it can produce that kind of sensation. And the great thing is, it’s not limited to one time of music and that music can be tied to lowering anxiety before a test, and help students increase results.

So when you ever feel like you want to change your mood, be sure to listen to your feel good tunes! I assure you it’ll make you feel great.


One thought on “How Music Can instantly change your mood.

  1. Yes ,you are so right,music play a big role in your life and mood,good music encourage you,sooth your nerve and put you in good mood ,I try to listen old songs by you tube and it take me to my school days,you know they are way way back.Love you my soni

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