5 ways to get more done in a day!

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying the warm weather, and spending your days relaxing! 

Today I thought I’d post on something that I know you all can relate. We all have those days we’re we are feeling overwhelmed by how much we need to get done. And the more we try to focus, and get it done, the less productive we end up being. This is why I’ve found 5 tips on how you can get work done, without having the additional stress! Enjoy! xx 


1. Focus on Less work at a time – This one is probably the most important. We’ve all been guilty of trying to cram all our projects in a short period of time, but by doing so we are processing at a slower rate. 


2. Be awake and alert- If you’re  starting with with your tank half fill, you’ll get nothing accomplished. When you have a higher energy level, you’re able to work harder and get more done. Most of us run of little to no sleep, so ensure that you’ve had a good nights rest if you know you have a lot to do. 

3. Don’t Overcommit!!-  You’re most likely going to overestimate how much you can get done, so be realistic on how much you can accomplish. 

4. Remember to chillax-  When you’re trying to get something done, always make sure you take a 15 minute break to re-focus, and use this time to prevent yourself from having interruptions when you’re working. The key is to stick to your schedule, but take time to chill, and reboot yourself. 

5. Don’t focus on failure- Don’t look at the situation negatively, overcome that feeling of failing and not doing well. By doing so you’ll become more motivated, and able to accomplish more. 


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Look, Dress and act like Ariana Grande!

Hi all,

Hope you’re enjoying summer so far! Although I’ve been out for weeks, summer has already gone by so fast, so I’m hoping you’re enjoying your summer as much as I am.

With fall approaching, you might be wanting to spice up your wardrobe, and by doing so you might want some inspiration. I decided  that I’d post about someone who we all aspire to dress to ; Ariana Grande. Not only is Ariana a beautiful, talented, and hilarious actress, she also has a great style, that many girls my age love! Nevertheless, I’ve decided to post a blog on how to look like her. Hope you enjoy!

  • . The Hair! Ariana Grande is notorious for her signature red hair! However, achieving red hair is difficult and damaging, so make sure you consult it with your parents, or local hair salon. If you aren’t able to dye your hair red, you can dye Medium Brown-Dark Brown, which Ariana has been rocking more recently. Regarding how she styles it, she usually curls the ends of her hair, and puts it into a half pony tail. On other occasions, she puts it into a pony tail. Be sure to acessorize, and add lots of bows and scrunchies!
  •  Ariana’s Makeup is simple, yet playful. To achieve a look similar to hers follow these steps.
  1. Apply a light-medium BB cream, or mix your foundation and moistrurizer to insure it last longer. Once you’ve done this, apply concelare to anywhere where you may be breaking out, or experiencing redness. Followed by this apply a matte powder to ensure it stays on all day.
  2. Once you’re finished with that, apply a bronzer wherever you want some colour! If you want to achieve ariana’s flawless face, apply it to your cheekbones, following that blush in the same location.
  3. Regarding Grande’s eyes, she tends to keep it light an natural. Put on a gold/light brown eyeshadow on your eyelid, next put a darker shadow on your crease. If you’re feeling bold like Ariana, use a brown eye liner on your lid, and on your lash line. This defintley make sure your eyes POP! To finish off the eyes, apply a good mascara on your top and bottom eyelashes. Ariana believes that her eyelashes are the most important, so fake lashes may be helpful in achieving her look.
  4. To complete her look, apply a Fuchsia lipstick to your lips. And voila!
  •   Now that you know how to look and style like Ariana, you need to know how to dress like her as well. Grande, is notorious for her girly, fun style so this step is necesary! To achieve a look like hers, go for dresses. Perferably ones with bold colours, floral designs, and short. If you aren’t a dress person, no worries. She loves peplum, skinny dark washed jeans, and graphic hoodies. Ariana tends to wear heels, such as wedges, and statement shoes! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different kids!
  • Ariana is a beautiful girl, but what really captivates us is her “happy go lucky personality”. You can look and dress like Ariana, but her personality is really what differentiates herself from other so called celebrities. Remember to always be yourself, and to be kind to everyone you meet. This charm she brings is whats gotten her so far! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my post, on looking like Ariana! I’ve included some links oh how to further look and dress like her, which includes her own makeup tutorial! Just remember to always be yourself, and bring your own style to the table!



Posting again!

Due to the fact I’ve been neglecting my blog, I thought I’d start posting more frequently again.

So Hello friends! Thank you for contiuning to follow me, despite the fact I’ve been inactive. With school, and other priorities I haven’t had the time to write on here, nor have I had the time to really do anything (i.e see friends, watch shows). So with summer approaching here’s to posting more frequently!

For today, I thought I’d post about a recent video I had watched. It had been sent to me by my mom, when I was having a frustrating day, and boy did it cheer me up. I won’t write much about it so I don’t spoil it for you, so I’ll let you watch it yourself. And I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

This video opened my eyes, and showed me that no matter what your circumstances are, the limits are impossible. As long as you’re doing what you love, and not thinking about what may be holding you back, you’re able to achieve anything and everything. Phil Hansen is a true genius, and a definite inspiration.

Random Acts of Kindness!

Before I begin my post, I wanted to apologies for neglecting my blog. I’ve been so busy with school, that I’ve had no time to post!  When I created my blog, it was my intentions to post everyday, but with my other commitments, I’ve been ÜBER . So I’ll try to be more diligent with posting. 

Anyway, I thoughts with all the sadness in the world, a “random acts of kindness” post was needed. In case you don’t know what a “random act of kindness” it’s selfless act, where you aren’t doing it to get anything in return. For example, holding the door for someone, or buying the person behind you a cup of coffee! Sounds great doesn’t it? But just think to yourself, how often do you do that? How often do you do something for someone, without having an agenda? It’s an incredible feeling to get something done for you, but it’s an even better feeling when doing something for someone else. And with people busy with their technology, and their daily lives, it seems like common courtesy is no longer common. And it really seems like civility has gone out of the window! 

So I decided to post together, we can make the world a better place, one step at a time, by having random acts of kindness. 

1. Collect goods for a local food bank.

2. Give a hand to someone in need. For example, buy a meal for someone less fortunate. Give them your full attention!

3.When in line at Starbucks, buy the person behind a cup of coffee and a dessert. 

4.Slip an inspiring quote on the windshield of someones car. 

5.Pay a complement to everyone you meet. 

6.Give everyone a smile, it’ll definitely make their day. 

7.Tell someone close to you you love them, and your thankful that they are in your life. 

8. Give the people in your office or school some donuts. 

9.Write a thank you note to someone who has influenced your life in a positive way. 

10.Make amends with someone who you aren’t close to. 

11.Give some blood! 

12.Donate your time to elders. 

13. If you are at a restaurant, give a large tip to the waitress. 

14.Buy or donate books to a school. 

15.Drop off a plant, cookies, or donuts to the police or fire department.

Please enjoy my random acts of kindness post, and remember to do something kind, no matter how small the gesture. 

10 Things to cheer you up when you are feeling sad.

While I know this isn’t fashion related, I thought that a post like this was in need.

Every one of us has good days, and bad days, right? And as a human, we need to accept the fact that both of these feeling are apart of life. Maybe you spilled your coffee, or maybe you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, either way sometimes life just feels overwhelming. While sometimes it may feel hard to overcome these feelings, its necessary to do your best to find hope. These feelings are just apart of life, and are it’s surprisingly good to experience them.

Anyway, I’ve created a list of some fun and inexpensive ways to cheer yourself up! Just be kind to yourself, and remember to take it one step at a time.

Pamper yourself: From putting on a face mask, to doing your nails everyone needs a day to just chill. This always cheers me up when I’m down. I usually pamper myself, while watching my Keeping up with the kardashians.

Food-Oh em gee. I wish I could spend my life eating haagen dazs ice cream and pickles (yes, I know a pretty weird combo). Sometimes, food is the best stress reliever. It just seems to heal the mind, and the stomach. It may not be healthy, but boy does it do wonders.

Watching re-runs of your favourite show- Sometimes when I’m sad and lazy, I enjoy watching some of my favourite reruns. It really LIFTS my spirits. Personally I enjoy watching old Criminal minds, Big Bang Theory and of course GLEE.

Sing- Whether you sound like Mariah Carey, or William Hung, singing out loud will distract you from whatever you’re going through!

So something for someone less fortunate– Sure, you’re going through a hard time but there are some people who are going through much worse. Try doing something nice for them, and the universe will reward you for your positive energy.

Send a bizarre text message to a random stranger – I can understand why you may be skeptical of this one. But I can guarantee this’ll cheer you up. I’ve done it quite a few times, and I usually send strange facts about wombats. That definitely cheers me up.

Write a list of things you’re grateful of, and perhaps future goals- Focus on what God has blessed you with, and always focus on the future, not the past. If you’re always focusing on the negative, nothing good with ever come.

Draw or Paint- Express what you’re feeling on a canvas. Just let your emotions flow, and let your actions show how you feel.

Watch some silly videos on youtube- You can never go wrong with with some crazy youtube videos. Personally, I love cat videos, but their  over 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute meaning you could spend your whole day on youtube.

Call up a friend– Nothing is better than talking to someone you love. Perhaps have a slumber party with someone you know will cheer you up!

Hopefully you enjoy my post, and remember to always be optimistic.