Beat Summer Hair damage!

From the air-conditioning, to the sun, it’s no secret that by the end of summer your hair is going to be damaged. And when you’re busy on vacation, or running around on the beach odds are you’ll forget all about your hair! That’s why I’ve created some tips on how to take your hair from dull and dry, to looking fabulous and healthy. With these tips, your locks will definitely look their best. 


1. Replace the lost moisture-If your hair is feeling dry,I recommend  using an intense hydrating mask, once a week (no more than once a week, our you’ll experience product buildup). I enjoy using any of the milkshake products. They’re designed to to nourish your hair leaving it soft and shiny, and makes damaged hair manageable. 


2. Take an inch off, by getting your hair trimmed. The sun will most likely take away your hair’s natural oils, resulting into split ends and frizziness. To prevent cutting more off than needed, trim off anywhere from half an inch to even an inch. By doing so it’ll make your hair look better instantly. 

3. Only wash your hair when absolutely necessary- Shampooing your hair everyday washes out your natural oils, and doesn’t give them time to work their way down the hair shaft. You can shower everyday, but keep a cap on, to prevent shampooing it often. 


4. Whether your hair is wet or dry, brush it! Let your hair’s natural oils repair damaged strands: by regular brushing.


5. Absolutely no heat products-Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but with the sun on your hair, adding heat will only make it worse. 


There is no escaping the sun, but if you follow these steps I guarantee you your hair will healthy for the September. And with these strategies, you can enjoy swimming, or just tanning on the beach without worrying about the harsh effects. 






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