Your up in front of your class about to begin a presentation. And all of a sudden your heart begins to beat a mile a minute. You’re sweating and your mouth is gradually getting dry. But why?

You may be experiencing nervousness. And the reason your feeling this is  because blood is getting pumped into your muscles. 

It’s a fact that people get nervous for various reasons. For example, I get nervous when presenting in front of my class, while others may be nervous when in a crowd of large people. That feeling of nervousness is often comes from the feeling of uncertainty, like trying something new. Everyone get’s nervous from time to time, and by doing something repeatedly, you learn that nothing awful is going to happen to you, and the nervousness gets better.

But, when you’re trying something new or doing a speech, it’s scary. And all though you know it’ll get better, you’re probably still feeling anxious.  Getting nervous can be a burden, and in some cases psych you out! So I though I’d create some tips to help you relax, when you’re in a situation where you’re feeling really anxious. These way works for me, and might not necessarily work for everyone, but everyone has there own way of coping. So just remember to have fun, and remember “Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s all small stuff.”

1. Take a deep breath. Relax. As long as you’re healthy, and happy nothing else matters. Try to think positive, and hope for the best. Think of the best case scenario. 

2. Write out a list of everything you’re nervous about. Once you’ve done that, you know what you’re afraid of, and you’ll realize you don’t need to be as worried after all.

3.Listen to music. Whether it’s fast, and gets you going, or slow and relaxes you, music is the best. After a long, and tiring day, plugging in your headphones and listening to your feel good music is the best. 

4. Look at photos that comfort you. For example, look at a picture of your pet! It’ll relax you, and make you forget about what your stressed about. 

5. Get fresh air. The fresh air will help you loosen up, and will help you think about just doing a great job. 


So hopefully you enjoyed my post, and just remember to slow down, and breath! (: 



6 thoughts on “Anxiety!

  1. Great tips! Another one is to be with people who make you laugh (or looking at a funny meme). That makes me relax! And hanging out with my BFF (you).

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