Dove Real Beauty Sketches.

Why do so many people have negative self-esteem beliefs? Why do people have so much self-doubt?

There are so many possible reasons on why people have such low self esteem. In fact only less than 4% of people would actually consider themselves beautiful. The media portrays beautiful as a Blonde, 5’11, size 0 beauty, so it’s no wonder people rarely feel good about themselves.
That’s why they cake themselves in makeup, and do drastic things to themselves, to hope that maybe they’ll not only look pretty on the outside, but FEEL pretty in the inside. And I know this for a fact. Daily I try to make myself look good, but I’m never satisfied with what’s in my mirror. I try to look like what’s considered “beautiful” in today society.
But as I get older, I realize that the people that seem the most beautiful are the ones that seem to have the most unique quality. For example, the Rimmel Model “Georgia May Jagger ” looks beautiful with the gap in her teeth, whereas the perception is that you need to have straight teeth to be considered beautiful.
By giving that example, I’m trying to show that your biggest insecurity, is what may make you beautiful. It’s what makes you, you, and it should be EMBRACED.
Definitely in terms of judging our beauty, we are our harshest critics. And I think this dove commercial shows that beautifully.

Check it out. (:


One thought on “Dove Real Beauty Sketches.

  1. Bella,Every time I read your blogg,I am so proud of your thought,you know all along that beauty is not what we look in the mirror or what other think of us,the real beauty is like yourself who always help others,smile ,and respect the older and help them like you and your mom always do for us or for our friends,thats good deeds make you shine inside out.Have a great day

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