5 Compelling Reasons why Adults shouldn’t have twitter.

Time after time, I’m told to be more responsible on social media. It’s ironic considering, after only being on twitter for 3 days, my mom got suspended for spam. As a social media lover, I thought it was virtually impossible to get kicked off of twitter, but somehow my mom found a way. I suppose that’ll happen to you though, if you follow 500 people in under an hour. 😉

Nevertheless, I was inspired to write why I believe adults should not have social media (unless they are supervised). If I’m not aloud to have facebook or twitter, why should my mom be able to have it? Especially if all she’s doing is tweeting Ryan Gosling and following every person in civilization. (Hehe, love you mom) 😉

My 5 reasons: 

1.Nobody cares if you’re eating out, or going to Walmart. If you do choose to have social media, post something interesting. 


2. They’re easily bored by social Media. After 6 statuses, they loose interest in something that was once something they were eager to experience. 

3. Most adults I know, have no clue how to use social media. 


4. Saying “OMG,” or “WTF,” does not make you hip, especially if you think WTF means “why the face”? 


5. Adults don’t understand the concept of social media. There is no privacy on it, and anything you post on it stays there.  

To sum it up, adults probably shouldn’t be on social media. But to be quite honest, it’s funny when they are. And I suppose that having adults on social media, is what makes it so interesting. But I do believe they should be at least supervised when using it, to prevent from getting suspended in 72 hours 😉 

Hope you enjoyed my post, and be sure to follow (: 




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