Not posting as much.

I feel as if I’ve been neglecting my wordpress account, due to the fact I’ve had an overwhelming amount of homework this past week. Aside from that, I have been writing more privately in my diary.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to post about my new favourite spring and summer trends! With Summer just around the corner, I though a post like this was in need. And despite the bitter weather we’ve been having, with Summer weather comes a new Summer wardrobe. So hopefully my post will inspire you to update your wardrobe.

1. Lace Shorts– This is my new favourite trends! I’ve recently bought a pair, and can’t get enough of them! This is my Go-to look, when I’m feeling lazy, and it really adds a “girly flare” to a boring look. It’s a great replacement from your classic jean shorts.

Get this look at – Urban Outfitters (Kimchi Blue Anthea Lace Tap Short)

2. Pastels– Now that the weather is gradually going to get warmer, spice up your look with a pastel piece. It’s feminine, and I believe it’s timeless. And it excuses girls to embrace their feminine side!

Get this look at- Brandy Melville (KIMIA KNIT)

3. 60’s style– Take a trip back to the sixties, with bold pops of colours! I believe this “retro trend” will make a triumph not only on the catwalks, but in stores as well.

Get this look at- Forever 21 (Dove Print Sleeveless Dress)

4. Rosy Lips– This is a flattering, simple look perfect for any girl. It adds a pop of colour, while still managing to be subtle.

Get this look at- Sephora (dior Addict Ultra Gloss- Vibrant Rosy Pink)

5. Flouncy Skirts– Trade those mini-skirts, for a long and knee length skirt! It’s cute, versatile, and more age appropriate.

Get this look at- Lulu’s (Flecks and the City Light Pink and Gold Skirt)

6.Layered Bracelets– The more the merrier! Piling on the bracelets makes a statement. I’ve been stocking up with bracelets from Brandy Melville, and just can’t get enough of this trend!

Get this look at- Topshop (Chain Spike Stone Bracelet)

7. Crossbody Bags– Being a teen, I don’t tend to bring lots with me. And carrying a big honking bag on the bus, isn’t easy. So this new trend, makes bring my few necessities, stylish whilst maintaining functional.

Get this look at- Target (Xhilaration® Key Item Crossbody – Coral)

8. Colourful Flats– Ditch your plain flats, for a pear of bright, fun flats! Every time I wear these, it always manages to add a certain “flash” to my basic neutral tons.

Get this look at- Nine West (FACINATE)

9.Graphic Tees– Graphic tees can turn a boring pair of jeans, from geek to chic! Not only is it adorable, it definitely shows off your personality. Pair it off with some high waisted shorts, or a blazer.

Get this look at- Urban Outfitters (Le Shirt Everyone Loves An English Girl Tee)

10. Bold Leggings- Try rocking a pair of Bold printed leggings. It’s a great way to spice up a dull look, without looking too wild.

Get this look at- Nasty Gal (Harlequin Chap Leggings)

Hope you all enjoyed my post, and remember to follow (:


6 thoughts on “Not posting as much.

  1. I love your blog,I was laughing very hard,when I read the hip words,which most of us will not know,I enjoy your excellent writing style,so interesting and well thought.How are you feeling now,hope felling better.Love you My Bella

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