Makeup and Hair for Lazy, Sick days!

With summer just around the conner, odds are you are going to be experiencing some allergies.

People often ask me, how I do my makeup, on days I’m feeling especially sluggish. Recently I’ve been getting over a nasty cold, tied in with some allergies, causing me not to look my best. If you are  like me, and would rather be home sleeping, watching the price is right, but are unable to take a sick day, looking good is essential. And  there is nothing worse than going to school or work looking like you belong on belong on a Claritin Commercial. Nevertheless, being sick inspired me to make a tutorial on how to do your makeup, when you don’t have the energy to do your makeup.


1. Keep hydrated! When you are sick or experiencing allergies , you’re most likely experiencing dehydrated skin. Drink a lot of water, to keep your skin glowing! Once you’ve done that, apply some moisturizer all over your face. Not only will it hydrate skin, it’ll make your makeup sit nicer.

2. If you’re experiencing a fever, and sweating like a pig, looking radiant is key! Apply some primer all over your face. It’ll keep your makeup lasting longer, and it’ll help reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores, making you have visibly softer skin!

3. Generally, applying moisturizer and primer will do the trick, but if you’re going for the extra “va-va-voom” look, try applying a light foundation, like a BB cream. My personal favourite is the  Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream SPF 15. It doesn’t have the best coverage, but it is great and light for when your skin is dry, and you want don’t want to feel like you’re wearing too much.

4. Consider using a  face power to set the BB cream and reduce any shine left on your face from skin oils.

5. If you’re feeling pale, and lifeless try applying a light amount of blush. I personally enjoy “Nars-Orgasm”. It’s a universal cover, that I use for EVERY season. With Nars, I can just apply it, without using any shading. It really brings out my cheekbones.

6. From coughing, and sneezing all night your eyes may not look their best. Try applying cool tea bags or an ice cube wrapped in soft cloth to your eyes, or use my favourite method by applying some cucumbers on your eyes to ensure they look vibrant. Your eyes are going to be incredibly sensitive, and it has something to do with the blood vessels, they’re either being constricted or expanded by your lack of sleep. That being said, not applying much eye makeup is essential. Coughing and sneezing all day will smudge your makeup and make your look like a hot mess. But you can still look glamourous without being caked up in makeup. Begin to curl your eyelashes, to lift lashes and open up eyes. Once you’ve done that, grab a waterproof mascara. When I’m sick, I enjoy using Maybelline’s  “VOLUM’ EXPRESS® THE ROCKET™ WATERPROOF MASCARA”. It’s wonderful and volumizing and leaves zero clumps!

7. Finally for lips, a bright colour will go a long way. Adding a nice “pop”, will give colour to your face. If you’re struggling with the fact that your eyes don’t look lively, focussing attention on your lips will look great. I enjoy trying a colour similar to the blush I’ve chosen to use. It tends to look more natural.


Now that we’ve finished your makeup, doing your hair might be a bit of a challenge. If you’re not in the mood for curling, or straightening, but still want a glamorous look, try braiding your hair the night before. If you want an easier, summer look, try doing your hair in a topknot. It’s sleek and simple, and take less than 5 minutes to do.


So hopefully you’ve enjoyed my post! Be sure to like or follow me. Thanks for reading (:


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